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Sustainable Land Management







2011 - 2013


To address the issues of water scarcity and related land degradation problems through involvement of local communities.


The “Sustainable Land Management” project, funded by the UNDP SLMP, was implemented in the district of Pishin from 2011 to 2013 with a total funding of approximately 15,095,000. The primary aim of this initiative was to tackle the pressing issues of water scarcity and associated land degradation problems in the region. The project recognized the crucial role of local communities in achieving sustainable land management.

Under the programmatic area of agriculture, the project worked towards the sustainable use of land and water resources, with a strong emphasis on community involvement. Through a variety of strategies and activities, the project sought to improve water management practices, enhance agricultural productivity, and mitigate land degradation issues.

Over the course of two years, the Sustainable Land Management project in Pishin made significant strides in addressing these critical challenges, ultimately contributing to the promotion of environmental sustainability and improved livelihoods for the local population.