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Establishing a Disaster Resilient Community with Improved Preparedness in District Ziarat, Balochistan



Union Council




To develop disaster resilient communities with improved preparedness in district Ziarat, Balochistan.


This project, which spanned from May 2019 to January 2020, focused on five union councils within District Ziarat, Balochistan, to address the region’s vulnerability to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and landslides. The key components of the project included:

  1. Community Training and Awareness: The project conducted training sessions and workshops to educate the local population on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery strategies. This involved disseminating information about how to mitigate risks, develop emergency plans, and organize community-level response teams.

  2. Infrastructure Improvement: The project aimed to enhance the resilience of critical community infrastructure, such as schools, healthcare facilities, and water supply systems. This involved structural improvements and the implementation of safety measures to ensure these facilities could withstand disasters.

  3. Early Warning Systems: To improve early warning and response capabilities, the project supported the establishment and maintenance of early warning systems, including the installation of weather monitoring equipment and communication tools to alert the community in the event of impending disasters.

  4. Capacity Building: In addition to training community members, the project worked with local authorities and organizations to strengthen their capacity to coordinate disaster response efforts effectively.

  5. Community Mobilization: The project encouraged community participation and engagement in disaster risk reduction activities. This included forming community-based disaster risk reduction committees and promoting community involvement in decision-making processes.

  6. Monitoring and Evaluation: Throughout the project duration, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms were in place to assess the progress and impact of the initiatives, ensuring that the project was on track to meet its objectives.