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Capacity building of local communities/farmers on wise use of water and water conservation and low delta crops







To sensitize the stakeholders on the importance of water and its use in the arid climatic conditions of the province.

Familiarize the stakeholders with the importance of environmental protection, water conservation, and efficient water use.

To Introduce the community members, farmers and other stakeholders to integrated water resources management.


The “Capacity Building of Local Communities/Farmers on Wise Use of Water, Water Conservation, and Low Delta Crops” project was implemented across six districts in Balochistan, Pakistan, with funding provided by GIZ through BRSP. The project spanned from March 1, 2020, to April 30, 2020, with a total budget of approximately 4,900,000 PKR.

The project’s major objectives revolved around raising awareness among stakeholders regarding the crucial role of water in the arid climate of Balochistan, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and water conservation, and introducing integrated water resources management principles. By achieving these goals, the project aimed to enhance the capacity of local communities and farmers to make more efficient and sustainable use of water resources, ultimately contributing to the agricultural development and environmental preservation in the region.