Programs & Activities

Early Recovery

CPD is implementing for early recovery of flood affected households in Naseerabad through Food for work and school nutrition programme with the partnership of World food programme. The main focus is rehabilitation of agriculture and communication infrastructure and mobilizing parents and children to back join schools.

Emergency/Disaster Response in Balochistan

Centre for Peace and development (CPD) with the partnership of World food Programme, Give 2 Asia and local philanthropists are working in seven districts of Balochistan to provide relief to 6000 households from August 2010; Districts includes Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Loralai, Zhob, Qila Saifullah, Harnai and Musakhail districts of Balochistan.

Reducing Sectarian Violence and Promoting Social Harmony

CPD has implemented this project in five districts of Balochistan (Quetta .Loralai. Sibi. Naseerabad and Jaffarabad). Under the project, CPD had formed five district &  one provincial peace forums consisting of representatives from different walks of life including religious clergy of different sects and religions elected representatives, government officials, media people and civil society organizations. […]

Promoting Democratic Processes

CPD has implemented voter education project in district Jaffarabad, Naseerabad, Bolan and Jahl Magsi, to mobilize the common people to register them as voter and participate in electoral process of the country. Election Observation as part of free and fair election network FAFEN, Civic Education with youth in five districts of Balochistan currently in process […]

Balochistan Democratic Forum

BDF is a platform for the civil society including politicians to discuss and suggests actions that promote democracy and democratic norms in the Province.  BDF arranges dialogues and seminars on important issues and opportunities that arise from time to time on different occasions at the provincial and district levels.  A steering committee comprising intellectuals, civil […]

Community Policing Project

CPD has implemented this project in Quetta and Ziarat districts of Balochistan with financial support from the Asia Foundation.  The project is working to bring more involvement of citizens in managing law and order situation and controlling crimes in the district. This is being done through establishing and promoting constitutional bodies like Public Safety Commission, […]

Mainstreaming Religious Minority Rights in Pakistan

CPD has implemented the project in 5 districts each in Sindh and Balochistan (total 10 districts). European Commission is funding partner of the project. The overall objective of the project was to mainstream the issues and concerns of religious minorities in the national political agenda and create an enabling environment in which religious minorities, media, […]

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education of Youth

CPD is educating youth in Quetta on Sexual Reproductive Health. For this CPD has formed 5 groups (3 for male and other 2 for female) representing 7 union counsels of Quetta. In these groups, 134 youth are participating in project activities. CPD has formed a project advisory group to steer project in the right direction. […]

Capacity Building of Political Parties, office Bearers

Capacity building of political parties office bearers on 18th constitutional amendment and its  post impact, implication and role of political parties was another project of CPD in which 65 representatives of 11 political parties of Balochistan was trained.

Advocacy And Dissemenation Campaign On Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Advocacy and dissemination campaign on Gender Base violence was CPD project in Six districts of Balochistan including Quetta, Sibi, Naseerabad, Jafferabad, Nushki and Loralai district with the support of United State Agency for International Development (USAID) under gender equity program (GEP) The general objectives were: Enhancing gender equity by expanding women’s access to justice and […]

We can End Violence against women

We can end violence against women was an initiative of CPD as part of Regional campaign of Oxfam GB, CPD has identified 200 change makers in five districts of Balochistan including Jaffarabad, Naseerabad, Jahl Magsi, Sibi and Bolan and build their capacity to act as change maker to end violence against women in Balochistan and […]

Establishment of Participatory Support System

To protect juniper forest in Zarghoon Valley was dedicated to protect natural resources particularly juniper forest, which is one of heritage in the province. CPD sensitize Zarghoon area and surrounding communities for adoption of environment friendly resource use patterns, Under the programme, CPD has formed ten community Based Organization in Zarghoon Valley build their capacity […]

Promoting Integrated Management of Land resource to combat land degradation through introducing high yielding low delta crops in district Pishin

To combat land degradation and alleviate poverty through community Mobilization, introduction of low delta and high commercial value crops with micro irrigation in Surkhab, District Pishin is the project of CPD funded by UNDP (SLMP). The main activities, Preparation of participatory land use plans, Community Mobilization, Conducting need assessment,  Introducing minor irrigation models, Introducing low […]

Improving the health status of children and Mother

Improving the health status of children and mother in six union councils of district Quetta and Qila Abdullah is the project of CPD funded by Save the Children UK, the main activities,  formation of Village health committees, Situation Analysis and KAP survey on MNCH issues in Balochistan, Strengthening MNCH service delivery at FLCF, provision of […]

Empowering clients and sensitizing providers to increase uptake of Maternal and neonatal health care services: Design a social accountability model for implementation in Balochistan Pakistan

Empowering clients and sensitizing providers to increase uptake of Maternal and neonatal health care services: Design a social accountability model for implementation in Balochistan Pakistan is project CPD is implementing in two districts of Balochistan including Nushki and Loralai with the financial support of Research and Advocacy Fund Islamabad

Supporting Transparency, Accountability and electoral processes in Pakistan

Supporting Transparency, Accountability and electoral processes in Pakistan is a five-year project with the financial support of DFID and Netherland Embassy through The Asia Foundation Islamabad. CPD is implementing this project in 16 districts of Balochistan to promote the transparency and make elected representative accountable to the constituents and promote democratic governance in the province.

Support vulnerable population of Hazara community toward improved life with dignity.

The Project is about economic empowerment of vulnerable hazara community through enhancing their skills and reducing poverty of Hazara community in district Quetta. The skill enhancement will build their capacity to acquire basic necessities on a sustainable basis with passion and dignity. CPD proposing a project with the concept of turning hazara community into entrepreneurs […]

Women Action for Better Workplaces in district Quetta

The primary focus of the programme is on developing new and strengthening existing relationships between rights-holders and duty-bearers, to facilitate women workers’ voices to be channeled into administrative, regulatory and legislative reforms, enabling improved workplaces. These approaches will deliver increased value for donor’s money and ensure sustainable women’s voice and accountability in Pakistan.  The WABW […]